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The Foundation's goal:

Form a recognized, legal organization that can help accomplish the goal of bringing all things in the Sonex community together and pursuing tax exempt (501(c)(3)) status.

What we want to do:

- Become a recognized member of the Type Club Coalition (TCC). We are now the Sonex type club registered with the TCC. Refer to http://www.eaa.org/govt/tcc.asp for specifics

- Promote education of all things Sonex by amassing tips, links, and hints from other builders, sorted by plans page when possible

- Promote building and flying safety using existing resources of Sonex Aircraft, LLC, EAA and other established and credible entities

- Promote transition and type training by encouraging and facilitating builder/owners to obtain LODA

- Promote already established regional groups, organizations, and associations and their events

- Promote and host seminars, workshops, and related activities

- Connect those interested in building/flying a Sonex with local builders/owners

- Encourage and grow the Sonex community

- Encourage discussion and sharing by making SonexBuilders.net available as an online forum